Planning Commission

The Kingstree Planning Commission consists of seven members appointed by Town Council to serve three year terms. The PC recommends changes for rezoning including Planned Development, Ordinance Amendments, and Comprehensive Plan changes. The Commission also reviews and takes action on street names, cluster development, Planned Unit Development master plans, public projects, amendments to the text of the Kingstree Comprehension Plan and to the Subdivision Regulations, and amendments to the Zoning Map. Additionally, they oversee and hear subdivision issues and prepare and periodically revise the comprehensive plan. The PC holds its meetings on the third Tuesday of each month at 6:00 pm.

Current Agenda



Members Term Expiration
Travis Davis December 31, 2025
Esther Harrell December 31, 2025
Virginia Taylor-Vice-Chair December 31, 2025
Mike Boyd December 31, 2024
Derrick Singletary December 31, 2024
Erika Fulton-Williams December 31, 2024
Dee Walters-Chair December 31, 2024