Housing Authority

The Housing Authority of Kingstree (KHA) was established on July 8, 1969. Council appoints five members to serve five year terms. The KHA provides nondiscriminatory housing to low and moderate income people in Kingstree. The KHA is committed to providing quality, affordable housing in healthy neighborhoods through partnerships with our residents and other groups, fostering neighborhood redevelopment while providing opportunities for those we serve to achieve self-sufficiency. The KHA manages three public housing sites: Frierson Homes, McFarlin Homes, and Lanue Floyd Village. The KHA holds its meetings on the fourth Thursday of each month.


Members Term Expiration
Edward Ransome December 31, 2027
Haven McClam-Chair December 31, 2027
Maurice Morris December 31, 2027
Melvin Harrison December 31, 2026
Vacant December 31, 2025