Beautification Commission

The Kingstree Beautification Commission consists of nine members appointed by Town Council to serve four year terms. The commission shall study, investigate, plan, and encourage the beautification of the appearance of the town and the approaches thereto by the planting of trees, shrubbery and flowers and by the utilization of such other improvements that will improve the town and its approaches. The Beautification Commission meets the second Monday of each month.


Members Term Expiration
Marion Evans December 31, 2023
Mary Jean Holt - Vice Chair December 31, 2023
Billy Jenkinson December 31, 2026
Melannie Mims December 31, 2023
Lisha Pasley December 31, 2023
Ophelia Starks December 31, 2026
David Tisdale December 31, 2026
Donna Walters - Chair December 31, 2026
Nydra Wilson December 31, 2023