Architectural Review Board

The Kingstree Architectural Review Board (ARB) consists of seven members appointed by Council to serve two year terms. The ARB protects the integrity of the Core Commercial Zoning District and ensures the level of quality of all constructed projects within the district. It reviews and approves work proposed within the Town’s historic, business, and downtown districts. The ARB holds its meetings on the first Thursday, after the first day, of each month.

The ARB has approved a palette of acceptable colors for painting buildings in the downtown historic district. If you are using any of these colors, you do not have to apply for permission.

Current Agenda

Public Hearing


Members Term Expiration
Etta Hammet December 31, 2024
Ida Martin December 31, 2023
Dexter Graham-Chair December 31, 2023
Josh Kellahan-Vice-Chair December 31, 2023
Robert Hand December 31, 2024
Christopher Lambert December 31, 2024
Rich Mims December 31, 2024