RFQ for Design-Build Services

Kingstree Fire & Police Station

Town of Kingstree is soliciting Statements of Qualifications from firms having interest in providing Design-Build Services for a new Fire & Police Station located on the parcel known as Williamsburg Co. TMS Nos. 11-024-025 and 11-024-026 in Kingstree, SC.

RFQ is available below and can also be obtained from the Town’s Engineer, Hybrid Engineering, Inc. (hybrideng@hybrideng.com), who will assist the Town in administering the Design-Build Contract.

Receipt will be recorded at 3:00 pm on January 17, 2019 in Town Council Chambers at Kingstree Town Hall located at 401 North Longstreet St., Kingstree, SC 29556.

Please insert the exact company name and the signature of responsible person to contact on SOQ’s.

Each submittal shall include five (5) hard copies of the Step I Statement of Qualifications and one (1) electronic copy of the Step I Statement of Qualifications on a CD or USB drive.

If an SOQ is forwarded by U.S. Mail, please allow adequate time to ensure delivery. SOQ’s received after the time shown will not be considered. Label envelope/box with company name and SOQ for Kingstree Fire & Police Station.

The Town of Kingstree reserves the right to reject any and all SOQ’s or any portion of said SOQ’s, to waive minor technicalities, and to make any and all procurement in the best interests of the Town.

RFQ RFP for Design Build Services for Kingstree Fire Police Station 30 Oct 18